NEW                                 Drum Kit Playalong Trackpaks

Simple Piano playalong tracks for students who want to develop their groove playing without being confined to a written part. These tracks are great for developing aural skills and exploring students own creative ideas.

Each track comes complete with some notated groove and fill ideas for students to follow and mix up as they like. Simply download straight to your mp3 player and away you go. Each track is recorded at 3 different tempos to allow students to build up to the top tempo - great for building aural awareness. 

More tracks in different styles will be added soon, so don't forget to check back once you've mastered these! 


Straight 8 Feel - Trackpak 1 

A nice relaxed track for you to groove along to.


Straight 8 Feel - Trackpak 2 

A more up tempo feel in this track


Straight 8 Feel - Trackpak 3 

Groove along to this catchy little ditty.


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