Striking Together 2007-2012

Since 2007, the Striking Together formula has developed into an award winning and unique experience. During an intense 2 days of rehearsals, percussion students of all abilities join together to form a percussion orchestra of a scale never before attempted. Fun arrangements of classic songs are learnt as well as Striking Together - a full 45minute piece which explores many different and contrasting styles of music and gives the performers the change to express their creative ideas too.

Striking Together for Bronze, Silver and Gold were all awarded the Inspire Mark from London 2012 and we were delighted to welcome Lord Coe to our launch for Striking Together for Bronze.

It has been a memorable and exciting time for Striking Together which concluded in May 2012 by breaking the World Record for the largest Triangle ensemble!

The Striking Together for Gold DVD will be available from Cambridgeshire Music in October 2012

In the words of some parents and students:

"It seems an excellent way to build team work and enable students to gain confidence. We liked the way so many were able to have their spotlight moment on the drumkits etc.Thanks so much for all you do to encourage budding percussionists in schools!"

"We were all very impressed, both by the standard of music making and the team work involved. The antiphonal organisation and stage space were very dramatic. We also very much enjoyed the contribution of Maraca2 and their involvement overall."

"Fantastic event. The professional duo were amazing"

"The most awesome thing...ever!"

Please do get in touch if you'd like to bring the Striking Together magic to your area. Music is available for hire.



Striking Together for Bronze